How To Prevent Cash From Your Business Being Stolen When You Have To Move It Physically

5 November 2015
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These days conventional wisdom is often that you should use more electronic means of moving money around. But there are times when you can't get around the need for moving a lot of physical cash. If you're responsible for a business that needs to move cash from one area to another, such as to have on hand for customers during transactions, there are a few things you can do to ensure as much safety in deliveries as possible.

Armoured Transportation for Large Distances

If you're moving the cash more than a short distance such as from a bank a few blocks away, armoured transport is a necessity, especially if you're transporting more than just a few thousand dollars at a time. Only the most organized and dedicated of thieves are going to try to steal from armoured transportation. RVS Security is a local company that offers armoured car services.

Roll Dice

Another important measure to take is making sure that your employees use different routes every time they transport the money. Routine is exactly how thieves are able to plan heists. One counter to this is to vary up your schedule constantly. The problem is that it's hard to be consistently random every day. Eventually, you're going to unwittingly create a pattern.

This is why you should use methods of achieving randomness by using aids like dice. If you have multiple different paths you could choose in a day, you can roll dice and choose paths for your employees based on the number revealed. The method of achieving randomness isn't as important as the fact that the choice of route isn't coming from you.

You could use this method even if you're going to be getting cash from an armoured car if you have to transport it from the point of handoff.

Avoid Making It Obvious

The impulse is going to be to use a huge metal briefcase or some other means of carrying a lot of money that seems more secure. But this will likely just make you less secure since thieves will be able to easily guess what you're carrying. Instead, you can carry it in a bag that's strong enough but not obviously just for cash. The exception is if you're using an armoured car since this will be obvious either way, but the security on it is high enough that this shouldn't be an issue. 

Never Take Chances

It's important to indicate to your employees that they should never resist a robber if it comes to that because it's not worth what could happen. Additionally, you can also cut down on taking chances by instructing them to stay in public during routes whenever possible, and to even walk into other buildings that have a lot of people in them if they suspect they are being followed in order to confirm it and then call for help from the appropriate source.