Staffing Your Corporate Holiday Party

10 December 2015
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Corporate holiday parties can be large, complicated affairs. To make planning and running the holiday party easier and more enjoyable for everyone, consider these staffing ideas.


When you have hundreds of guests attending a corporate holiday party, the number of vehicles arriving at the venue and requiring parking accommodation can be overwhelming. In some cases, too many vehicles lined up waiting to park can even cause a traffic jam in the city where you are hosting the event. If the police decide your vehicle traffic is too much, they can cite you and shut down the party.

Valet parking not only helps your guests get inside the venue faster. The valets can drive the vehicles to a safe parking lot or choice of your choice. Valet attendants also add an air of sophistication to your event, especially when you request that they wear uniforms. Valet service is available for hire across the country.

Coat Checker

Since your holiday party is likely to be in a cold climate, your guests will arrive bundled up in their coats. The coats, which may be wet from rain or snow, will be flung over the backs of chairs, or laid atop tables throughout your venue unless you provide a solution.

Installing a coat checker at the door of the venue is a courtesy that your guests will appreciate. You can easily hire one or two temporary employees from an agency to handle the coat check facility. Be sure to provide them with coat check tickets and a sufficiently large rack with hangers to accommodate all the guests' coats.

Security Guard

Corporate holiday parties have the potential to attract a lot of attention wherever they are held. Party crashers may attempt to enter your party to take advantage of the complimentary food and drink. In addition, the free flowing alcohol might entice some party-goers to overindulge, possibly causing an unpleasant scene.

The presence of a security guard (from companies like Polo Security Services Security Company) at your party can discourage party crashers from trying to sneak inside. If trouble does break out for some reason, due to a brawl or drunkenness, the security guard will be able to escort the disruptive people away from the premises.

When you hire these extra staff for your corporate holiday party, you can be assured that the entire event will have the atmosphere that you planned on. You will be more relaxed, knowing that your guests' needs are being taken care of.