Home Sweet Home: Keep Your Apartment Complex Safe For Your Tenants

4 February 2016
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If you are the manager of an apartment complex then it is your responsibility to keep the complex as safe as possible for those that live there. If you neglect this duty, even for a short period of time, then you may find yourself dealing with a lot of criminal activity and other problems. This is why it's so important for you to keep a firm grasp on the security of the complex from the start. The information here will offer you solid advice on some of the things you can do to keep your apartment complex safe and free of problems like theft, drug dealing, loitering, fighting, public intoxication, trespassing and more.

Put up a gate

A gate that goes around the entire complex, including the parking area, will put a barrier between non-residents and the property to help keep unwanted people out. There should be a gate that opens wide at the entrance to the parking area with a keypad entry system so residents can enter by putting in their code, but other cars can't get in. The other entrances residents and invited guests on foot should also have access to a main gate that also uses a keypad entry system.

Install flood lights

All areas of the complex should be brightly lit up at night. Flood lights are a good choice because one light can cover a large area. Make sure the entire parking area, carports, sidewalks and courtyards have bright lights. Keep working light bulbs in all the porch lights as well by making sure bulbs are replaced as soon as they burn out.

Hire a private security company

Having a security guard (hired form companies like Guardian International Protective Services Inc.) on the premises, especially at night, is a great way to make sure the complex is free of problems. The security guard will patrol the complex from one end to the other to make sure nothing is going on that shouldn't be. Having the security guard there will serve as a great deterrent for anyone thinking about causing trouble and increase the chances of someone being caught if they do decide to do something wrong.

By offering your tenants a safe place to live you will be showing them that the complex is a good one for them to reside in for a long time. This will help you to cut down on the amount of tenants that move out and save you the money and hassle that comes with finding new tenants to replace the ones that leave.