Protecting Your Company from Corporate Espionage

31 May 2019
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It sounds like something out of a movie or book but corporate espionage is real. If your company is on the cutting edge of any industry, you need to protect the technology, practices, and strategies of the company. Anytime you are dealing with information that might benefit someone else, you need to take steps to ensure that information stays with your company.

Hire Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

How you protect yourself and your company from information leaking out is not always clear. Determining the source of the leak can be extremely difficult but a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) service can help. As the name implies, these services work with you to determine where the leak is and how to stop the information from getting out. Sometimes there is a phone tap, a hidden listening device, or a covert camera involved. The tools used to detect these things are extremely specialized so hiring a company that has the tools and the knowledge to use them is an important first step.

Understand the Signs of a Leak

Knowing that you have a leak is the most important first step in stopping it. There are some signs that can indicate a problem if you watch for them. Corporate strategies showing up in places outside the company can be an indication that someone is listening to what your company is doing. If a secret project is suddenly no longer secret and information about it appears outside your company, there may be some concern about the way it got out.

Sudden downturns in new sales, pricing strategies becoming public, or sudden loss of a bid on a project that you feel is suspicious can also be warning signs that you need to have your business checked for information leaks. With any leak, your employees need to be thoroughly questioned, but if you are confident in your people, turning to a TSCM service is the best way to track down the problem.

Take Advantage of Additional Services

Along with detection and removal of listening devices, a TSCM service can evaluate your companies security and potential for espionage attacks. Physical listening devices must be put in place and in order to do that, someone needs to get inside the building. The security of your offices and meeting rooms is critical to avoiding the placement of devices and anytime someone needs to access those areas, security personnel should be on hand to ensure the integrity of the work performed.

In today's corporate environment, the threat can be real. So, taking steps to ensure your business is secure is one way to ensure that you succeed in a competitive world. Learn more about your options by contacting TSCM services.