Staffing Your Corporate Holiday Party

10 December 2015
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Corporate holiday parties can be large, complicated affairs. To make planning and running the holiday party easier and more enjoyable for everyone, consider these staffing ideas. Valet When you have hundreds of guests attending a corporate holiday party, the number of vehicles arriving at the venue and requiring parking accommodation can be overwhelming. In some cases, too many vehicles lined up waiting to park can even cause a traffic jam in the city where you are hosting the event. Read More 

How To Prevent Cash From Your Business Being Stolen When You Have To Move It Physically

5 November 2015
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These days conventional wisdom is often that you should use more electronic means of moving money around. But there are times when you can't get around the need for moving a lot of physical cash. If you're responsible for a business that needs to move cash from one area to another, such as to have on hand for customers during transactions, there are a few things you can do to ensure as much safety in deliveries as possible. Read More